What is Commercial Awareness?

Law firms and careers advisers often stress the importance of being able to demonstrate commercial awareness. Often it is a deciding factor when it comes to offering Vacation Schemes and Training Contracts, but what is it?

Generally, commercial awareness is knowledge and interest in what is going on in the business world. This may include challenges faced by the industry, changes in the way the industry operates, and the future of the industry. This is important for understanding the needs of your firm and your clients.

I will use this blog to post information mainly relating to the Legal industry, however there is likely to be lots of overlap with the financial industry in particular.

There are many useful sources of information about what is going on in the Legal industry, many of which are listed in the 'Useful Websites' page. I will also link useful articles under every post. Sometimes all the available information can be overwhelming, so with this blog I aim to consolidate and summarise information, and provide starting points for discussion which should help you to really engage with the articles.

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