Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Mr McKellar


Every so often you get one of those teachers who has such a zeal for what they do, and will go above and beyond to get the best out of every student in their care. Mr McKellar was one of those. He quite literally brought life and colour to Hendon School - just ask anyone who had the pleasure of walking Jude, Angel, Fred Boris or Dolly Parton around the school field, or strolling through sunbeam-yellow corridors to their English lessons.

As I write this, so many moments of Mckellar Magic spring to mind - from impromptu performances of Rihanna songs in the school canteen, to being given the most beautiful hand-written and illustrated revision notes in Saturday English lessons (which he willingly gave up his free time to teach). I am so privileged and grateful to have had a Headteacher so passionate, ambitious and uplifting. Everyone owes some part of their character to a teacher, and I'm sure many Hendon students, past and present, will attribute at least some part of their determination for success to hearing Mr McKellar's own story. He will be so sorely missed, and his investment in us as individuals and as a school will never be forgotten.

In 2011 The Guardian introduced the world to 'the school with its very own Angel' I cannot think of a more fitting title for Hendon School. My thoughts and prayers are with all Mr McKellar's loved ones.

Rest in peace, Mr McKellar.