Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Guilty by Association?

Last night I turned to BBC One and stumbled upon the end of Guilty by Association. It was a documentary exploring how the 300-year-old law of joint enterprise operates, and the results it produces. I watched the full programme on BBC iPlayer today, and found it really insightful.

The documentary followed families of victims, as well as families of individuals who have been convicted using the law of joint enterprise. Whilst it's not a 'commercial' issue, there is lots of discussion to be had about the pros and cons of the law, and potential reform.

Guilty by Association is on BBC iPlayer for 6 more days (as of 8th July 2014), so I highly recommend watching it if you can.

Read more:
BBC Newsbeat - 'Joint Enterprise: What is it and Should it be Changed?'

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