Thursday, 3 July 2014

Changes Affecting the Legal Industry

For the first post I've compiled a short list of some changes affecting the legal system. This is non-exhaustive, and more details can be found via the links provided. 

  • Legal Aid cuts and the removal of funding from areas of law such as private family law, personal injury and some employment and education law 
  • Increasing globalisation - as firms expand there may be a need to choose between jurisdictions, and in the future there may be opportunities to make transactions which transcend jurisdictions

What are the advantages/disadvantages of these changes?
What do these changes mean for the way Law firms operate today?
What do these changes mean for way Law firms will operate in the future?
How will these changes affect clients' demands today/in the future?

Read more:
InfoLaw (the changing Legal landscape)
BLP Law (the changing face of the Legal industry)
BBC News (Legal Aid Cuts)
Law 2023 (Globalisation)
Law Gazette (Online Dispute Resolution)
The Lawyer (Legal Process Outsourcing)

Please leave questions/comments/suggestions below!


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